GalGrele So ah've just realized that #LordHaytham doesn't like cauliflower; ah now know what ah'm gonnae put in his drink! #revolution
GalGrele Why should ye' swear loyalty to tha' Royal House of Ishura? Well, fer one, they 'ave cake! Fer two, they 'ave ah big castle! And ALE!!1!111!
GalGrele Me wife says ah've got two heads but only one works. Ah responded "tha's because there's nothin' ta look at." Ah need a place to stay tnite!
GalGrele Tha' #GrandMarshall may be tough, but ah've got stories about 'im when he was a baby. One time he put on his mum's **loud crashing noise**

The Noble House of Ishura

The Founding of the Noble House of Ishura

The Royal House of Ishura was founded by Ishura of Yokuda, the First Lord of Ishura, and a well-known Forebearer. He wed Lady Amani Daughter of Yunis and together, had three children: Camaron son of Ishura, Farah Daughter of Ishura, and Haleem son of Ishura. Prior to his death, Ishura of Yokuda proclaimed that his heirs shall be conferred with the Right to Rule, a sacred privilege that belongs to those who are of Ishuran blood. Camaron, being the oldest son of Ishura of Yokuda, was the first to be conferred the Right to Rule upon his father's death. All subsequent Lords, or Ladys if it is a woman who has been conferred with the Right to Rule, can trace their lineage back to Camaron son of Ishura.

Ishuran lineage is tracked based on the one upon whom the Right to Rule is conferred. Thus, on Ishuran lineage charts, the spouse of the one to whom the Right to Rule is conferred is not often present. Their names are recorded in an Annul that is kept in the Ishuran Library.

By the Decree of her Grace Lady Alnoor of Ishura, Daughter of Badr, Ishuran Magisters are now working to create new lineage charts that include the name of each Lord or Lady’s spouse. Thousands upon thousands of pages of records are presently being analyzed in the House's Maigster’s Tower in Stros M'Kai to see to the completion of this task.


The Current Noble House of Ishura

The Current Noble House of Ishura is comprised of his Lordship Haytham of Ishura, Son of Sufyan, and his wife, Lady Alnoor of Ishura, Daughter of Badr. The Right to Rule is conferred upon Haytham of Ishura, having previously been held by Sadir son of Waylas, known as ‘The Usurper.’ Sadir son of Waylas was killed by Ederage of Ishura in the Battle of the two Lords. Upon the death of Sadir, Lordship was rightfully returned to Haytham of Ishura, the eldest son of Sufyan.


Of Ishura

The honor of being labeled as “of Ishura” is bestowed only upon the most worthy. It is no laughing matter, and a great sacrifice must be made in order to be endowed with this title. It can only be given by the one to whom the Right to Rule has been conferred, and only to those with proven lineage to Ishura of Yokuda. To date, the following Ishurans are “of Ishura”:

Haytham of Ishura, Son of Sufyan, of House Tuyour
Lady Alnoor of Ishura, Daughter of Badr, of House Sahrawiye (Wife of Lord Haytham)
Grand Marshall Arcathus of Ishura, Son of Sufyan, of House Dragonpride (Brother to Lord Haytham)
Grand Chancellor Ederage of Ishura, Son of Ishura (Cousin to Lord Haytham and Grand Marshall Arcathus of Ishura)


Of Honor

The House of Ishura confers a right of Honor to those who have proven their loyalty to the House of Ishura. This Right of Honor is given at the discretion of the Lord or Lady of Ishura, and may be given to family members or those with no Ishuran ancestry. Unlike other House, Ishura does not confer automatic rights to Honor by virtue of lineage. It must be granted by the Lord or Lady of Ishura specifically and only to those who are worthy.

Currently, the following Ishurans are ‘Of Honor’:

Sir Eustace Reviers, Grand Judic of Ishura


Petitioning the House

By the Decree of his Lordship Haytham of Ishura, denizens may petition the House for the consideration of grievances and matters. To do so, denizens must write to the Grand Chancellor of Ishura directly and request an audience with the Lord and Lady of Ishura. If an audience is granted, a denizen will have a reasonable amount of time set aside to frankly discuss their grievances or matters with the House of Ishura. Under the Decree of his Lordship, citizens may speak freely and without fear of retribution.


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