GalGrele So ah've just realized that #LordHaytham doesn't like cauliflower; ah now know what ah'm gonnae put in his drink! #revolution
GalGrele Why should ye' swear loyalty to tha' Royal House of Ishura? Well, fer one, they 'ave cake! Fer two, they 'ave ah big castle! And ALE!!1!111!
GalGrele Me wife says ah've got two heads but only one works. Ah responded "tha's because there's nothin' ta look at." Ah need a place to stay tnite!
GalGrele Tha' #GrandMarshall may be tough, but ah've got stories about 'im when he was a baby. One time he put on his mum's **loud crashing noise**

The Ishuran Chancellery

The Ishuran Chancellery is tasked with legislating on behalf of Ishura. Under the leadership of Grand Chancellor Ederage of Ishura, Protector of the House, the Ishuran Chancellery debates various issues of political and social importance. Recent events in Ishuran society have elevated the need for a learned and just chancellery, and to that end, Grand Chancellor Ederage of Ishura if moving the Chancellery in a more accommodating direction. 

The Grand Chancellor is a very powerful figure in the House Ishura. Not only are they responsible for leading the Ishuran Chancellery, they are also tasked to lead all Ishuran Emissaries on diplomatic missions throughout Tamriel. Another little-known fact is that the Grand Chancellor is also the head of the Ishuran Magistry which comprises of all House practitioners of the magical arts. Thus, assuming many roles, the Grand Chancellor is not only a force to be reckoned with but also a very powerful and essential figure in Ishuran leadership.

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