GalGrele So ah've just realized that #LordHaytham doesn't like cauliflower; ah now know what ah'm gonnae put in his drink! #revolution
GalGrele Why should ye' swear loyalty to tha' Royal House of Ishura? Well, fer one, they 'ave cake! Fer two, they 'ave ah big castle! And ALE!!1!111!
GalGrele Me wife says ah've got two heads but only one works. Ah responded "tha's because there's nothin' ta look at." Ah need a place to stay tnite!
GalGrele Tha' #GrandMarshall may be tough, but ah've got stories about 'im when he was a baby. One time he put on his mum's **loud crashing noise**

House Emissaryship

The Ishuran Emissaryship is lead by the Grand Chancellor and consists of all Diplomatic envoys of the House of Ishura. Emissaries partake in the delicate task of diplomacy and are often the House's first defense against war.

Emissaries must undergo many years of training, and are often recruited from the Ishuran Magistry. They are chosen by the Noblility of the House of Ishura, the High Council or the Grand Chancellor, and are confirmed by the Lord of Ishura himself.

Each Emissary is assigned an embassy that represents the House to Tamriel. The day-to-day tasks of  Ishuran Emissaries are to maintain diplomatic harmony whilst furthering the interests of the House. They are highly decorated and respected. However, Emissaries often find themselves under very stressful and delicate circumstances. As a result, only a chosen few ever become Emissaries.

While selected by the three major bodies of the House, Denizens can also petition the Grand Chancellor if they are interested in becoming an Emissary. In fact, Ishuran history records an Emissary by the name of Jania Daughter of Reza who become an Emissary by way of a petition under the rule of Lord Sason of Ishura, Ishura’s sixteenth Lord. Her diplomatic skill and prowess resulted in a peace that lasted one hundred years, ending during the reign of Lord Ayan son of Sufyan*.

*Lord Ayan son of Sufyan is not related to Haytham Son of Sufyan. Lord Ayan’s father is known as Sufyan Son of Lady Neesha of Ishura.

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