GalGrele So ah've just realized that #LordHaytham doesn't like cauliflower; ah now know what ah'm gonnae put in his drink! #revolution
GalGrele Why should ye' swear loyalty to tha' Royal House of Ishura? Well, fer one, they 'ave cake! Fer two, they 'ave ah big castle! And ALE!!1!111!
GalGrele Me wife says ah've got two heads but only one works. Ah responded "tha's because there's nothin' ta look at." Ah need a place to stay tnite!
GalGrele Tha' #GrandMarshall may be tough, but ah've got stories about 'im when he was a baby. One time he put on his mum's **loud crashing noise**

Ishuran High Council

The Ishuran High Council is a body that was created by his Lordship Ishura of Yokuda and acts as an advisory council to the Royal House of Ishura. Ever pragmatic, Lord Ishura considered what would occur should he or his spouse go missing. He determined that in his absence and the absence of his wife to rule, the High Council would act as a single unit and rule Ishura until the Right to Rule was conferred upon a confirmed descendant.

The High Council comprises of the one to whom the Right to Rule is conferred, their spouse, the Grand Chancellor, the Grand Marshall, and the Grand Judic. Each council member may vote once on a matter that is presented before them. While the result of any vote is considered advisory in nature to the Royal House, they are binding upon the citizenry.

High Council meetings are considered secret, and rarely are results of any High Council vote published.

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