GalGrele So ah've just realized that #LordHaytham doesn't like cauliflower; ah now know what ah'm gonnae put in his drink! #revolution
GalGrele Why should ye' swear loyalty to tha' Royal House of Ishura? Well, fer one, they 'ave cake! Fer two, they 'ave ah big castle! And ALE!!1!111!
GalGrele Me wife says ah've got two heads but only one works. Ah responded "tha's because there's nothin' ta look at." Ah need a place to stay tnite!
GalGrele Tha' #GrandMarshall may be tough, but ah've got stories about 'im when he was a baby. One time he put on his mum's **loud crashing noise**

The Ishuran Magistry

The Ishuran Magistry is lead by the Grand Chancellor and consists of the most learned and influential practitioners of the Magic Arts. While Redguard society was adverse to the arts of magic, Ishura of Yokuda was far more accepting, allowing those who sought refuge with him to practice freely with certain limitations.* The purpose of the Ishuran Magistry is three-fold: 1) to preserve the practice of magic throughout the Realm; 2) to maintain the Ishuran Library and chronicle all Ishuran history, lineage, and customs; and 3) to act as educators and spiritual guides to all Ishuran denizens an those who find refuge with the House.

To become an Ishuran Magister, a petition must be sent to the Grand Chancellor explaining why the particular denizen would be a candidate for the Magistry. Ishuran Magisters undergo years of specialized training and are assigned a Master who acts as a mentor.

It is an honor in the House to be a Magister as Magisters are extremely educated and highly respected.

Royal Library